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Yeah, Duran Duran sucks, but then again, they did write "Hungry Like the Wolf."

That was for Julie.


Yeah, Jethro Tull sucks, but then again, they did write "Thick as a Brick".

That one is for Joe.

Frank Lefkin

Yeah, Wham sucks, but then again, they did write, uh, never mind.


Yeah, Terry Jacks sucks, but he did suck.


Aw, Terry Jacks did "Concrete Sea" which is one of my homesick songs.

I can't think of a good one, so I'm going to go with: Yeah, the Steve Miller Band sucks, but they did write "The Joker".


I just can't. I can't get past the REO and Foreigner examples. I refuse to believe those bands ever wrote anything even remotely approaching fair to middling, much less good to great.

fiat lux

Yeah, Billy Joel sucks, but he did write 'New York State of Mind'

Lily Branford

The Scorpions sucked, but they did write "Winds of Change".

Nah, that sucked too.

So hard to find redeeming talent from that 'phase'. Metallica, Rush? Enjoy your weekend.


Yeah, Britney Spears sucks, but then again,she did write "Toxic".

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